WEvolution Board Trustees

WEvolution is looking out for three resourceful, influential and imaginative people to join our Board of Trustees in 2018.

WEvolution is not in the business of doing ordinary work. It has sparked off the imagination of people in communities, groups and agencies with its unique Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs). Simple and deeply impactful, SRGs are about people coming together to take control of their lives and make things including money.

How we work

  1. By growing a movement of SRGs that nurture an environment of collaboration, creativity and enterprise across communities and organisations in Scotland and the rest of the UK.
  2. By providing small interest-free and/or low-interest capital to people enabling growth of their business ideas through our microfinance initiative.
  3. By designing and delivering a high-quality skills training programme that helps spark off a number of sustainable microenterprises.
  4. By working towards a more enabling policy environment around the expanding SRG movement.

WEvolution 2.0

Having started in 2011, WEvolution has now entered a new phase of movement building which includes the scaling of SRGs more strategically across the UK. It is moving towards positioning itself into a ‘Centre for Excellence’ that will provide training, experience and resources to organisations and groups.
As we work towards these aims, we are looking to find three volunteer Trustees from any of the sectors below:
Gender: Whilst remaining inclusive, our focus will continue to centre on women. Having someone with a background in women’s socio-economic participation and empowerment; one who understands the barriers and challenges to this and alongside has a breath of experience of working in these areas in voluntary and/or private sector would be a welcome addition to our Board.

Marketing: We want to work on better understanding our target messages while improving the visibility of our brands. We are looking for expert communication guidance about promoting and identifying these brands (for both WEvolution as a ‘Centre for Excellence’ and SRGs as a ‘movement and market’) across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Preferably someone from marketing, communications and event management backgrounds with experience in the Scottish context would be suitable.

Economics: We would welcome an Economist with a solid knowledge of and insight into the intricacies of the local economy and enterprise whilst being able to enable WEvolution and SRGs to connect with a national and global context.

Technology: We are looking for someone who can help WEvolution integrate technological innovations to open up new avenues and economic opportunities for SRGs. Going forward, we would want to be able to use appropriate technology to connect people to form SRGs, link with our microfinancing initiatives, enable groups to save money and reinvest them and create peer-to-peer markets.

Commercial Finance: Continuing our economic focus, we want someone who can help us think through, whether through the creation of new platforms or building upon existing outlets, relevant financial products. It is a part of the national financial inclusion agenda at the moment and we can make our own unique contribution to this. We, therefore, need someone who either has the experience of doing it or has a range of contacts in the financial industry for this.

Community Empowerment: We want someone who understands the complexities of working alongside people in communities, has a deep commitment to the power of connections and community building and has made relevant contributions to practice including academic input.

If you’re intrigued and interested, please drop an email to Noel Mathias, Managing Director (e: noel@wevolution.org.uk) and we’ll take it forward from there.

For more information on our work, visit our website: www.wevolution.org.uk or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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