WEvolution Board Development Day

On April 20th, WEvolution hosted a Development Day for its Board of Trustees with staff feeding into the meeting as we explored the next steps in building a stronger SRG movement. Joining the meeting was new Board Member, Vicki Sellick, who brings to the Board a wealth of experience using people’s power to innovate within the third sector. We also had Laura Samoggi, an expert in public-private partnerships, share with the team about her experience developing global partnerships with Unilever and how WEvolution might potentially use partnerships to leverage better support for SRGs.  Apart from these conversations and updates around the various areas of WEvolution’s work, we ventured out of the office and visited Barras Art and Design (BAaD) to see first-hand their regeneration work in the East End of Glasgow. We were interested in seeing how used containers formed a three-storey office building where local events are now held. As we enter into the next stage of our journey, envisioning trips to other creative outlets and continuing conversations around bigger partnerships are just two of the ways WEvolution intends to continue to push the boundaries in its development.