SRG Peer Gathering

On Saturday January 23rd, Self-Reliant Group (SRG) members from across Scotland gathered to share their experiences, strengthen their connections and discuss potential ways to take the SRG movement forward. With over 40 SRG members in attendance, Saturday’s gathering marked the largest peer gathering to date for WEvolution.

Peer Gatherings, which happen every 6 months, provide an opportunity for SRGs based throughout Scotland to come together, network and develop a stronger understanding of the larger SRG landscape. The morning started off with a focus on business and income generation. The highlight was local business woman, Alison Finlay, who gave a glimpse into her working world and encouraged SRG members to be bold and think outside the box when it comes to making their business work for them.

This session provided a preview of a larger programme called coffee, cakes and conversations which WEvolution will run throughout the year. From there, WEvolution staff facilitated a conversation with SRG members looking at their biggest challenges and achievements over the past year. The opportunity to share about similar experiences gave the SRGs a chance to realise their interconnectedness and learn from each other.

Over lunch SRG members networked, forming new friendships and business linkages. After lunch SRGs joined in small groups to look at bigger questions about the SRG movement. SRG members, as frontline experts, determined how they wanted to deal with the issues shaping the larger SRG landscape. Some examples of the topics ranged from how SRG wanted to deal with childcare as well as family relations within the SRG. SRG members left the event better connected and more equipped to take things forward as we work together to grow the SRG movement. Below are some pictures from the event.