Open Days for Exploring the SRG Model

Glasgow Open Day, which took place on Friday 7th April, was a success with groups and individuals visiting the Glasgow office to learn more about Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) in their community. For the visitors it was an opportunity to chat about how these groups could work for them and what role WEvolution might play ā€“ not to mention there was plenty of cake on offer!

Those who came along met current SRG members, heard their stories and saw how working together and saving small amounts of money can change peopleā€™s lives for the better. For many SRGers, SRGs have allowed them to boldly and fiercely chase after the dreams, doing the things they love and making a wee bit (or a big bit) of money.

Along with cake, there was a chance to learn a new skill on the day with Karen Stevens and her daughter Francesca from Alpacas SRG sharing their skills on how to make Survival Bracelets. They not only looked great but were practical too. Adventurers commonly use survival Bracelets to secure potential makeshift shelters, act as a fishing line and some have even used the rope to make a bow and arrow.

If you would be interested in coming along to the next open day, then please get in touch with to find out more.20170407_113151