National Peer Gathering – January 2018

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The national gathering took place at the end of January and marked seven years since the, now famous, group of women from Glasgow first went on that trip to India.  Elaine, who had travelled with that group, joined us and we heard from the Maryhill group, one of our most ‘senior’ SRGs.  There was especial excitement on this occasion because we were joined by new SRG members from Manchester.  Over the last year, the movement has been spreading south of the border, and it was a treat to meet them.
As ever, it was a boisterous, loving affair.  SRG members from all the Scottish regions turned up ready to hurtle themselves into the day’s activities and to find as many opportunities to connect and seek new ways of working together.  Activities ranged from a crazy selfie station to a serious talk about product development from a key player in Warner Brothers products.  We were treated to a fabulous talk on appreciating and valuing ourselves.  The talk was sprinkled with magic tricks and we enjoyed the opportunity to listen to such a thoughtful presentation delivered with such humour. In the afternoon, we competed with one another to create new companies and to sell to one another. The winner – ‘Miss Fix It’.
For many, hearing the stories from SRG members was the most powerful part of the day.  One group after another spoke passionately about their groups, their work and their commitment to the movement.  As well as those from south of the border, we heard from recently formed groups in Fife and Renfrewshire.  Visitors to the event talked of being ‘bowled over’ by what they heard.  No wonder – such fabulous people, such fabulous stories.