Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does an SRG stand for?
SRG stands for Self-Reliant Group.

2. What is a Self-Reliant Group?

An SRG provides people with the means to grow as individuals by saving small amounts of money, learning new skills and gaining new experiences, but with importance being that is achieved within the group setting which provides support, inspiration and confidence.

3. What does an SRG Do?
There are four key components to an SRG:

  • Social: Being a part of an SRG means getting to share your journey with others. Many of those involved in an SRG develop lasting bonds with one another.
  • Learning: SRGs develop their skills and knowledge through trainings and workshops that allow them to mature as a group and individuals.
  • Saving: Every week each SRG group member contributes to the group savings. Groups then determine how they use this savings, either as start-up funds or for internal group borrowing.
  • Business: While it is not a requirement, many groups realise their power and potential to economically improve their lives through starting a small business.

4. How do I start an SRG?
We ask anyone interested in starting an SRG to find a friend who is also willing to make the commitment. Once you have selected a partner WEvolution will work alongside you to develop a strong foundation for your SRG. See our page on Start an SRG for more information.

5. How are SRGs different from other women’s groups/community groups?

The difference lies in the very name: self-reliant. SRGs self-generate their own capital – through their savings – and do not rely on others to make change happen; they take it upon themselves to determine their own future and that of their families and communities.

6. Are SRGS just for women?
SRGs are not just for women. If you are an organisation that works with men, then we would be very interested in hearing from you.

7. Where do I get more information?
Please get in touch with us using the Contact Us page

8. How much do the SRGs save each week?
The average weekly savings per person is £1. The amount that each group chooses to save, however, is the decision solely of the SRG and not WEvolution.

9. What do the SRGs do with the money?
The money is used as working capital to buy small pieces of equipment or material for the business. In many SRGs, the money is also used to giving small loans to members in times of need.

10. What if I don’t know what kind of business I’d like to start. Is there help for me?

You might find that meeting other people regularly and talking about what you all like to do and what your community needs may inspire you. You might find that a skill or interest you have can inspire others in your group or that a skill or interest someone else has can inspire you. WEvolution can work with your group to suggest money making activities which over time can develop into a business.

11. I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Don’t you need a business plan because I don’t know how to write one?

We support you as you take the first steps to run your SRG, and we are available to ensure that you have all the help and advice you need. We can introduce you to an experienced business mentor who will help you throughout your journey. A business plan is a structured explanation of your business ideas and we can help with it.