Want to do your bit to help change the world? Start right here with us!

At WEvolution we believe that volunteers are vital in helping us in our mission. Although people volunteer with us for different reasons, they are held together by the common conviction in the power of people to take control of their lives.

You can get involved with WEvolution in a number of ways. Contact Us if you find yourself intrigued or excited by any of the opportunities below!

Business Development Mentors
We are looking for ambitious, accomplished and creative individuals to act as catalysts to take the SRGs’ aspirations for their microenterprises to the next level. Starting a business is a daunting prospect for many of the SRG members, which is why the opportunity to learn hands-on from a knowledgeable Mentor and develop new perspectives would be priceless.

We are looking for Mentors who have skills and experience in: Sales & Marketing (including online); Branding; Merchandising; Website Development; Social Media; Public Relations; and, Food and Beauty products.

Time commitments will vary and depend on the particular SRG with whom you are paired.

SRG Encouragers

We are looking for inspirational and spirited people to accompany the SRGs as Encouragers. With sound listening and motivational skills, you will assist the SRGs as they grow their confidence, individually and collectively, and abilities to take on roles in their communities, families and the economy.

We are looking for Encouragers who have skills and experience in: Team Building; Group Dynamics; Leadership Training; Personal Development; and, Time Management.

We ask our Encouragers to be willing to support SRGs for a minimum of a 12-month period.

WEvo Friends
We are looking for professionals such as Lawyers/Solicitors & Accountants who would consider doing one-off pro-bono work for the SRGs. Sometimes the SRGs need help with leases, company formations, legal contracts and accounts. This can be a frightening, confusing and expensive experience for the SRGs. Your support would be invaluable to our groups and make such a difference to enable their businesses to develop faster.

If you have a field of expertise, either individually or as an organisation, that you think will be relevant to us, please get in touch. We would be happy to work within your corporate parameters of social responsibility and would be delighted to partner with you.