Fire Starter Event 2018

Self Reliant Young People in Inverclyde and Dundee

Inverclyde hosted a Fires Starter event on January, 31st at the new Inverclyde Hub.  We invited young people from the ages of 16-30 to come and grow £10 while learning the SRG way of working.  The group shared lots of different thoughts with one another, encouraged each other to come out of their comfort zones by doing their first live social media feeds on Facebook to spread the word on their event.  The group succeeded to making £67, by doing an online raffle for £1 entry to win £20.  This event ignited our community to think what is possible by starting a SRG.

On the same day, WEvolution hosted young people at a one-off workshop to test what happens when people are challenged with £10 and two hours to turn it into more.

Starting the day with some group development, playdough monsters taught them that everyone had valuable skills and experiences they could offer the group. Brightly coloured card and post its illustrated the markers of an SRG and how that could help their journey to be productive and supportive.

When they moved in to ideation, their creativity came thick and fast, answering the question ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’ and as they rotated the leader through each activity the group formed confident and articulate suggestions as to what they could do with their £10. Quick decisions were made and energy was high throughout the experience.

At 12.30pm they received their £10 and the timer was set. Heather bought a £10 Amazon voucher, Kyle designed a Facebook page and logo, and Raffolution was launched. Nicola managed the social media – posting adverts for the raffle, Sam updated the sales and Callum managed the draw. Most of their work was online but in the last 30 minutes, they took to the streets and doubled their profit. By 2.30pm, the group had turned £10 in to £50. Everyone left with a ‘wow’ feeling and a little bit more cash than they arrived with.

What would you do to turn £10 into more?