DIY SRGs: Spreading the Chaos

The 2nd DIY SRGs (Do It Yourself SRGs, if you didn’t get it yet!) took place over 48 hours from 12th to 14th October 2016.  On this occasion, participants came from as far as Newcastle, Manchester and Inverness.  That is, if you don’t count Erin Larwick from the US who is doing a short stint of volunteering with WEvolution and joined us for the programme.

We began offering the DIY SRGs programme as an experience and training for organisations who are keen on introducing the SRGs within their own contexts and work.  The contexts can range from an estate setting in North Shields, Newcastle, where an organisation like Cedarwood Trust is hard at work, to one of recovery and activism within which the Scottish Recovery Consortium operates.  It is never the context, ultimately, that determines the starting of SRGs; it is inevitably about where people are at.  The starting point, therefore, is always the people and what they want for their own lives and for their families.

The highlight of the time together was the sharing of direct experiences and impact of the SRGs by some of our ambassadors: members of SRGs from Inverclyde, Paisley & Maryhill.  And, these weren’t in mere words as a couple of them actively led skills training sessions for the participants!

Every single participant left the training saying they were inspired and feeling very confident of starting up SRGs in their own places.  Isn’t that something to cherish?!

WEvolutions’ next big adventure will be January 2017 in Inverness, offering DIY SRGs to organisations from Dingwall.  Our training programmes are starting to spread the word (or chaos, as we love calling it).