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  • Firestarter Event – Resilient Communities

    Lochee Community Hub, Dundee – 25th January 2017

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    In the true spirit of collaboration, and doing things differently, WEvolution and Unltd joined forces in Dundee to deliver an interactive, conversational workshop around the theme of resilient communities.

    WEvolution supports people to form Self Reliant Groups (SRGs) where they save, learn new skills, create products or services and dream big without being dependant on funding, whilst Unltd offers start-up funding to social entrepreneurs.

    The workshop provided an insight into the SRG model, which allows communities the space and trust to become more resilient through the experience of income generation.  Alison Artt, a member of West End Makers and Bakers SRG in Dundee, offered her own experiences to help the participants better understand the benefits of this way of working.

    Unltd were keen to better inform their work by exploring the theme of resilient communities and asked, ‘What can we do to add value to resilient communities?’  The workshop was a buzz of ideas and conversations around what is needed to empower and enable local communities to become social entrepreneurs and, how Unltd might better serve this area of work in the coming months.

    Attendees and students from the local community, Audit Scotland and Community Learning and Development professionals from across Scotland gave positive feedback following the event noting that it had been a valuable experience. Sparks were ignited  from this event prompting ‘a different way of thinking’ and ‘shared purpose and vision’ and a commitment to kindle these sparks was made by way of ‘sharing knowledge with community and work’, ‘rethinking data/ performance stats and their impact’ and ‘promoting Unltd and WEvolution’.

  • Reach for the Stars: Innovation Finalist 2016



     5 Mummies Make SRG were nominated for the Innovation award in Inverclyde.  This award was for a group doing something new, something original, or something brave.  This could be something new to them or to the sector, such as an adaptation, or a new way of tacking a long standing problem.  The SRG members were so excited to be nominated for this award, and took great pleasure in attending the awards evening meal.  5 Mummies Make represented themselves in the community, showing others that it’s possible to get started and just do it using the SRG model.  The SRG members all looked absolutely beautiful and carried themselves with dignity and grace at the event.  WEvolution would like to say a huge, WELL DONE for turning your community around and playing a massive part in this movement.  Local Provost Robert Moran also congratulated the women for all their hard work and for their bravery in exploring a new way of working.