Castlemilk SRGs Take Control

Castlemilk in Glasgow has seen huge growth in recent months with 13 local people now involved in SRGs.

We are delighted to welcome on board the all male, Castlemilk Woodworking Group who will be working on creating handcrafted Christmas decorations to sell from November 2017. Watch this space for more of their amazing products!

Our friends at Castlemilk Church have also helped to form Castlemilk Ladies, a group of 9 women, determined to make a difference in their local community. Having saved a small amount of money, the women held a Coffee Morning in the church and raised £94 to put towards future business ideas such as building on the Manicure Training which two members recently attended and holding a Halloween party for Castlemilk young people.

Both groups have been able to get their business ideas off the ground through saving small, regular amounts of money and working together to share their skills and experience.

WEvolution is honoured to be walking alongside such talented people and looks forward to seeing how their journey unfolds