A Place for Learning- Recap from our Glasgow Uni Placements

At the start of the school year, WEvolution offered placements to two students in Glasgow University’s Community Development Programme. Lorna, a part-time WEvolution staff member, and Barbara were ready to take on roles within the organisation that would give them a better understanding of community development practise in various local contexts. With enthusiastic attitudes, the pair set out to support SRGs with group development and microfinance training. Lorna worked alongside different SRGs to help them understand how different forms of microcredit and savings could enable them to make bold steps in their income generation pathways. Barbara worked to support a host of SRGs based out of the Inverclyde hubs while also closely supporting the development of Paisley’s Pattern Buddies SRG. Barbara explains more about what she has learned over this past year, “I have learned so much this year, both about myself and community work as a whole. I’ve learned that there is definitely a burning desire from people to aspire to greater things whether this be getting out the house and being more social or taking over the world. It has been a privilege to work alongside these inspiring individuals and watch as they outgrow their dreams to create new ones. I’ve learned that as a practitioner my role is just to join these ladies for the ride as everything they achieve they do so on their own standing.” Barbara will take all of these lessons and put them into practice next year when she takes on her next placement with Faith In Throughcare. Lorna also shares about her experience this past year, “working with the SRGs this year has been a humbling and inspiring experience. It has been a privilege to walk alongside the members and learn from them. The biggest lesson I have learnt is that if you want to do something, to make a difference in your life then you just have to get out there are starting doing it – that is the Self-Reliant way! The women and men that are part of WEvolution do just that, they don’t wait around for things to happen to them, they go out and create change for not only them but their children, families and communities. I am blessed to be part of a movement like WEvolution and thankful to be surrounding by amazing enterprising spirits every day.” Lorna will continue her placement next year with WEvolution. Team WEvo is grateful for all these two bright ladies brought to the organisation as well as the SRGs.