2nd Annual Vintage Tea Party: 5 Mummies Make SRG


5 Mummies Make SRG from Inverclyde held their second Annual Vintage Tea Party on November 12th November.  The six members planned intensely for this Tea Party to be as good (if not better) than last years, and they succeeded!.  The SRG got the entire community involved in making this event happen; getting raffle prizes from different shops, baking donated by members of the community, and also inviting all the other local SRG’s to set up a craft fair in the room next door.  The event was used to not only raise funds for the group and to give back to a local charity ‘Children in Poverty Inverclyde’.

The tea party was a huge success for the SRG, who proudly and confidently served people in their community, smiling all the time! They even got the WEvo kids selling products and had a special area made up to suit the needs of the younger children.

‘This tea party had a great sense of community spirit, and the girls provide excellent service. I can’t wait to buy my tickets for next year.’ Lynn Foreman (Port Glasgow Resident).