WEvolution says goodbye to long-time staff member Sian McCarthy

At the end of April, WEvolution staff member Sian McCarthy left WEvolution to pursue new adventures south of the border. Below Noel Mathias, WEvolution’s Managing Director, shares some thoughts about Sian: 

“Sian McCarthy, my friend and colleague at WEvolution since 2013, bids us adios this month. Sian has been our most visible face and voice in Dundee and her enthusiasm and love for the work and people will remain unmatched. She was WEvolution’s first ever paid staff member (15 hours a week starting in February 2013). Later in that year when WEvolution decided to pitch its tent up in Dundee – an unknown territory for us then – brave Sian decided to take the plunge into the unknown and moved up there lock, stock and barrel! We haven’t looked back since then. Sian moves on to bigger things down South and as much as I and team WEvo will miss her sorely, we wish her the best of times ahead.

Thank you for your work, Sian and the example you set for the rest of us by just being you. I’ll miss you, my friend.”

Sian would not leave without her own goodbye to those she has encountered through her work over the past years: 

It has been a real privilege to have been part of the SRG/WEvolution journey over the last number of years.  It has been intense, challenging and hard work- but incredibly worthwhile, with moments of great fun!  It has been immensely exciting to see the seed of an idea and then be part of growing and developing that into the beginnings of a movement.

What have I learnt?  To dream big and then hang on!

Thank you to my wonderful colleagues and to the SRG women and men who have allowed me to journey with them- you are incredible.

 Sian, you will be missed! Thank you for the key role you have played in the SRG movement.