WEvolution AGM and Peer Gathering June 2017.

On Saturday 10th WEvolution SRGs, the staff team, board members and supporters came together for the annual AGM and Peer Gathering in Maryhill, Glasgow.

The morning saw SRG members meeting other SRGs from across Scotland, learning from each other, setting their goals for the coming months and having fun. Part of this fun involved SRG members taking an ordinary household item and producing something extraordinary- the results were inspiring!

At the AGM, Liz Cameron, WEvolution’s chair, spoke about what the SRGs have achieved this year and the plans for the movement to grow across the UK. Since SRG members drive WEvolution, we used the gathering as a place to feedback about some key issues affecting the movement. Hubs featured prominently in this discussion, with topics ranging from hub names to setting the right hub environment. Keep an eye out for the new places when they open and come in to see us.

As you can see from the photos, the day was one of learning, listening, innovation and a lot of fun, with everyone leaving looking forward to the next one.SRG Wall of FameLiz Cameron AGM