SRG Peer Gathering: 21st January 2017

An amazing 80 + people from 20+ Self Reliant Groups across Scotland came together in January for a jam packed Peer Gathering at Maryhill’s Findlay Memorial Church. Everyone took part in a fun-filled, purposeful SRG reflection and development day.

peer gathering jan 17 1

The day started with a high energy ice breaker in the form of a dance off that saw Managing Director, Noel, steal the show with his group of Thriller inspired robots! This got everyone’s blood pumping for the engaging conversations to come. An anonymous cash donation was made to cover advertising for every SRG through WEvolution’s social media channels – win: win for all involved! Marion and Kirsty did a quick timeline prompting discussion around what each SRGs journey has been so far and what they are looking forward to in 2017. So many SRGs all dreaming big!

peer gathering jan 17 6

Jade announced the new Savings Raffle. By sharing SRG savings experiences with WEvolution throughout the year, SRGs can be entered in to a draw to win £50.00. The draws will take place twice a year at the Peer Gatherings – gotta be in it to win it!

peer gathering jan 17 3.jpg

Eleanor updated everyone on the bigger picture of the SRG movement including the National Gathering on March 16th, Clemmie spent time reflecting on her 4 years of research and lunch!

Alisdair McKinley, who works for Scottish Government and sits on the Board for WEvolution, was charged with facilitating a discussion about community empowerment. Alisdair commented on being delighted to take this slot because of the high energy present from everyone in the room.

peer gathering jan 17 4


Lots of discussion took place about the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015 and how everyone in the room could participate more within their own communities. Alisdair offered a very down to earth, approachable face of Government for all to get involved in the conversations.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Eleanor and Noel finished the formalities asking the questions; How do we become more engaged as citizens, Is the support WEvo offers meeting the needs of your group and then set everyone free to prompt any other conversations/ questions they felt were relevant.

Wow! All of that took place in just one day with the hard work and determination of an innovative, productive and successful community called SRGs, thanks go out to every single person who brought their dreams and dared to share.

peer gathering jan 17 7

peer gathering jan 17 5