Regional Gathering Inverclyde Dec 2017

Wow, we are going to be able to get really creative in this space.’ – Christine Thompson, new member

‘I am so happy I can bring the kids and they have their own space, so I can get on and work.’- Lorraine Edwards, Outside the Box SRG

Groups gathered together for the Regional gathering in Inverclyde to have deeper conversations about the growth of the movement and how they were going to gain more ownership of the new space. We also looked at what the new 24/7 creative space was going to look like. Everyone was engaged and came up with innovative ways to explore the possibilities. We then went on to have fun and build relationships; we played a game with cling film wrapped around loads of exciting presents; people would put on a pair of antlers and a red nose, while the music played load, rolling a dice hoping for doubles. The energy in the room was magical with every person laughing. We finished the gathering by sharing a meal together and all pitching in to clean up.

Great teamwork makes the dream work.