Alasdair McKinlay (@alimak66)

Alasdair is leader of the Community Planning and Empowerment Unit in the Scottish Government’s Local Government and Communities Directorate.  He led the development of the Community Empowerment Action Plan that was launched jointly with COSLA in March 2009.  He also played a key part in developing the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Strategy launched in December 2011. He is currently responsible for policy on community planning and developing the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.  He also has responsibility for policy on community councils. Alasdair has been a civil servant since 1993 and has worked in the area of community engagement and regeneration for over ten years, having worked both in central Government and in the Regeneration Division of Communities Scotland previously.   Before that Alasdair worked in various policy areas in Government, including Social Inclusion and Welfare to Work.