A Generous Gift to WEvolution from the Three Eyes Project

The Three Eyes Project, a charity which ran a small Centre based within the Knightswood community, closed finally on 9th December 2016 after 26 years.3 Eyes Cheque Presentation1

On Thursday 4th May 2017 at 10.00am, at a gathering in the Netherton Community Centre, Knightswood, Flo McKenna, founding member and Chairman of the Three Eyes Project for the last 10 years, handed over the remaining funds to four charities whose work reflects the interests of its members.

The charities that will receive a cheque are: WEvolution, Yogability, Maggie’s Centres and Drumchapel Money Advice Centre.

Flo said ‘You often hear that charities have closed because of lack of funds. That was not the case for us. The Three Eyes Project relied on volunteers to keep it running but new volunteers to replace those of us who have been involved for years were hard to find.  I’m sad we’ve had to close but what is most important is that those who used our Centre in the last few years have found other support and many deserving folk will benefit through the donations we are giving out today.’’

WEvolution received a cheque of £1750 from the Three Eyes Project. This wasn’t the first time we have been at the receiving end of their generosity. Last year we were able to able to buy sewing machines and other items for our Makeshop from them at very deep discounts. Julie Hall, our Business Development Worker, was a member on their Board for a number of years.

The money is expected to be used towards the business development aspirations of the SRGs.