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Here’s the thing: every one of us has aspirations; to be more, to do more. But life can be difficult. It’s hard to hold on to your aspirations, and it’s even harder if you’re not part of a community of people who can be your friends and partners.

That’s what WEvolution’s Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) are – a community of people who encourage each other, save small amounts of money, learn new skills and create products and services. They share a journey of bringing hope and direction to their lives.

“WEvolution and the SRGs was a way to gain friends, maybe get out a bit more, be more social and happy but it has ended up being so much more than that. We have all grown in confidence, gained friends for life and new support networks for the future. Our families have benefited from having mums/wives who are happier, more fulfilled. Our children are learning how important it is to make your own way in life through seeing their mums producing and selling their own items.” (Trishy Gannon, Rainbow Creations SRG)

Latest News

Your Past / Your Possibilities #DreamBigStartSmall

WEvolution is celebrating its 10th birthday and is commemorating the occasion by championing the efforts of all those involved in ...

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WEvo are hiring!

Administrator Position WEvolution are looking for a new Team Member to fulfil the Administrator Role.  The Job Description and further details ...

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National Peer Gathering - January 2018

The national gathering took place at the end of January and marked seven years since the, now famous, group of ...

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Fire Starter Event 2018

Self Reliant Young People in Inverclyde and Dundee Inverclyde hosted a Fires Starter event on January, 31st at the new Inverclyde ...

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WEvolution Board Trustees

WEvolution is looking out for three resourceful, influential and imaginative people to join our Board of Trustees in 2018. WEvolution is ...

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Peer Gathering 2021!